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Hey there! I’m Brittani.  A sister, a wife, and mom to two little crazies.  Life has us busy…sports practice, grocery runs (thank you curbside pick-up!), being a part of our Crossfit gym, and trying not to lose our minds while still capturing all of the memories because, “Blink, and they're all grown up!" 

Can you relate? Are you busy too? There's always something right? Not that having things to do is bad.  Life is happening though and the clock is always ticking. But when we do get those precious free moments, we want to be able to soak them up.  

Do you find yourself looking at your home knowing it could be better, it could serve you and your family better, if only you…had the time, the energy, or the vision?   

I feel you! And I’m here to help create THAT space.  The place where you can recharge after a long work week or a busy day of wearing all the hats for your family.  The place where you can kick back and catch up when you feel like life’s got you on the hamster wheel.  

What kind of space do you need?

Alongside the busyness of life, I can always find peace of mind knowing I have a space to unwind and relax.  Creating and designing spaces like these has always been a passion of mine.  I love walking into a room and envisioning its potential.  I love the journey a room can take transforming from bland to breathtaking.

At Brittani Cole Interiors, I am here to serve you and your family. To help create a space that is a reflection of who you are and the life you want to live.

Let's chat and make it happen!

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